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time to wave good-bye now

so ... you know how sometimes you outgrow old clothes, and even though you still like them, they just don't fit very well and you kind of have to move on? that's me and livejournal in the proverbial nutshell. you've likely all noticed my radio silence since mid-january. for awhile, this has been me taking a break, but the break feels right enough that i think it's time for me to say good-bye. i think i've outgrown my livejournal. i'm not going to delete because i don't want to lose the history collected here, but it is time for me to fade away. i will miss you all, but if you want me, you can find me ever attentive by e-mail; unsquickable@verizon.net is a good place to knock.

with that, i bid you all adieu. it has been a lovely ride.

harry n' ron

o.c.? i love the o.c.!

the snow-covered everything outside is quite enchanting. i plan on enjoying it thoroughly before i go in to work this afternoon.

the sounds of my landlord shoveling are particularly pleasant because i do not have to go outside and shovel. only someone who grew up in minnesota could appreciate this as much as i do. it's like in narnia, where it's always winter but never christmas; where i grew up it always snows a ton but we never get snow days. i am to be pitied, i know.

in other news, i know you're all dying to know Collapse )
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right 'round

my world is in a tailspin. sigh.

first, hesychasm has written a brilliant advert for all things harry potter. i know i keep saying one of these days i'll come back to fandom, but on a day like today, with something like that in my back pocket, i think i might be serious. eep.

second, eileen is home! well, it looks like she is home. i haven't actually seen her yet, but she left the porch light on for me and a note and there is talk of dinner together. i shall be lonely no more! hooray!

third, more snow on the way tonight, if i'm reading that doppler radar image correctly. whee! snow!

fourth ... hmm, haven't got a fourth. oh! wait! yes i do! i finished jacqueline carey's kushiel trilogy (omg omg omg so amazing) sunday night, so now i have started—at long last—jonathan strange and mr norrell by susannah clarke. so far i am fascinated. watch this space for updates.

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1. Go to mapquest.com.
2. Click on "Directions".
3. Enter your current address and the address or city of your childhood home.
4. Put the time and distance in a post like this.

Total Est. Time: 20 hours, 2 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 1324.26 miles

i am a long way from home.
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